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Day 4 Borobudur and Prambanan Temples

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My journey started this morning at 3:00am. My alarm startled me as I jumped to turn it off only to hit snooze and have it go off 5 minutes later which led to a frantic embarrassment since I was in a room with 4 other sleeping travelers. I sipped tea[…]

Day 2 Jakarta to Yogyakarta

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         The setting is a stiff train without individual seats, I’m sharing mine with a huge Indonesian man who must be sweating as much as I am in this 90 degree island heat. The language barrier has gotten the best of me as I sat down in the wrong seat.[…]

Indonesia April 6th

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On the 6th of April I will be traveling to Indonesia. I’m very excited about this new journey. With the help of a GoPro and a journal I’m going to be able to record my whole entire trip and share it with you on this blog. I will be by[…]

Testing out my new Go Pro Hero 3

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Introducing… ZACK, or who I refer to as “Half Rack Zack” (don’t ask) So picture these two idiots in the jungle with a Go Pro, hilarious right? This poorly edited video was my first attempt on using the software provided by Go Pro. Eventually, when I have more patience and[…]

hello world

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Costa -Rica

Embarking on a new journey starting April 9th, 2014. Keep up with my videos and Instagram as I backpack my way down South America!